Our Dinners Offer A Unique Walla Walla Dining Experience

A wine-country dinner at the chef-owned Fat Duck Inn is a remarkable Walla Walla dining experience that you will talk about for years. We combine beautiful ambiance and exceptional service with fresh, local food that combines simple flavors beautifully to create a perfectly satisfying meal.

Classically trained at the California Culinary Academy, Chef Rich Koby has achieved the highest honors in the restaurant world, including the DiRoNa Silver Spoon award. Early in his career he worked with Hubert Keller at one of the west coast’s best restaurants, San Francisco’s famous Sutter 500. His focus on fresh, local ingredients was honed in Santa Rosa’s wine country restaurant, Matisse, where the focus was on local food before anyone had even heard of the “farm-to-table” movement.

Chef Rich is best known for his tenure as the executive chef at the Ventana Room in Tucson, Arizona, where he performed the nearly impossible feat of moving the restaurant’s rating from three stars to four stars. Chef Rich achieved a truly amazing Zagat Score of 28 out of 30. The Zagat Survey awards ten points to food, ten to decor and ten to service.

With his impressive training and depth of experience, Chef Rich is in his element in the kitchen at The Fat Duck Inn where his wine-driven menu is a sure hit that showcases his talented hand. The quality of the ingredients and the gentle touch that coaxes out pure flavors are sure to leave you swooning with delight during your Walla Walla dining experience.

Even a simple dish like arugula salad with goat cheese and Cara Cara oranges is an elegant study in pure flavors, brought together in a gratifying unison by a bright orange vinaigrette. Even with the smallest offerings, care is given to every ingredient on the plate. This speaks of a chef that is paying close attention.

Careful attention is paid to all aspects of the meal, from the chef-grown basil in four varieties and quality extra virgin olive oil, to the excellent service. Servers are attentive and well informed without being obtrusive. Courses are paced evenly and with a sense of when to linger, when to clear a plate, when to suggest the forward motion for another course. You’ll be impressed.

Chef Rich believes that the best food is a lovely study in simplicity. Fewer ingredients lead to pure, fragrant, flavors that are the centerpiece of a happy, fulfilling meal.

Beautiful desserts are all made in-house and range from lemon cake with pink grapefruit-basil sorbet to Jamaican black cake with warm buttered rum sauce. Guests are reminded again and again of what makes Chef Rich’s menu such a success: He trusts simple flavors, local ingredients, and straightforward presentations, all of which are guaranteed to give you the finest Walla Walla dining experience of your life.