About Chef Rich Koby

chef3_34C0321Chef Koby has a rich history of living in gorgeous locations while serving up fantastic cuisine. Classically trained at the California Culinary Academy, then acquiring skills at the Sonoma Mission Inn, Chef Koby headed for Tucson where he entertained the masses as executive chef at the Ventana Room. His passion for food and knowledge of the profession lead him to his own venture, a restaurant by the name of Elle, which he ran for six years before selling and moving to Washington’s Orcas Island.

On Orcas, he performed the duties of Executive Chef at the highly acclaimed Rosario Resort. There he enjoyed working with local farmers, ranchers and fisherman serving healthy and exquisite farm to table menus.

The Fat Duck Inn and Fat Duck Catering now feature Chef Koby’s talents as he brings fresh farm to table attitude to Walla Walla. He pleases our guests and locals with the rich flavors of the Walla Walla valley, highlighting seasonal foods with a blend of classical appeal. Call Fat Duck Catering to schedule a sit down dinner at the Inn or to cater your next party.

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